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EASY FORMWORK WALL is a system of building construction designed for the construction of buildings and walls of the fence of each type.


The lightness of the wall made of this system makes the product ideal for 
renovations of all kinds.


We provide consultancy for the design, installation and training of local workers for a quick and optimal.



The system EASY WALL FORMWORK is based on a new type of modular formwork made of recycled plastic (polypropylene additivated with calcium carbonate) filled in work with a jet of a mixture of cement, expanded polystyrene and water (lightweight concrete) and a iron frame.

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Lightness of plastic parts, the heaviest piece weighs about 500 grams, and the filling of the walls, about 270 kg per cubic meter.

Side panels and guides for the panels are sheets of recycled plastic and take up much less space than traditional masonry. Ease of installation and positioning of the formwork.

Availability of materials needed to complete the walls after placement of the formwork (iron, cement and polystyrene foam) anywhere in the world. Elimination of sand, not always properly washed, from construction.

Positioning of installations inside the formworks before completion with cast in lightweight concrete.

All this involves lead times, transportation costs, equipment yard, warehouse management site, personnel training and handling weights much lower compared to other systems.

In case of a possible future demolition has the collection and differentiation of the materials used (concrete, polystyrene and polystyrene) with the simple crushing of the wall.

La leggerezza del muro realizzato con questo sistema rende il prodotto ideale per ristrutturazioni di ogni tipo.

About us

A product born from the experience

EASY FORMWORK WALL comes from the experience in the pipeline in various parts of the world in the construction of houses made of plastic molds later filled with lightweight concrete, according to these practical experiences have been eliminated all restrictions and complexity that the system used in those occasions, entailed.

Alberto Tosa
Bruno Ravelli
Projects development
Cesare Quadri
Cristian Ghirardi
Yard service
Enrico Rudelli
Yard service


Assistance pre and post sale

The lightness of the wall made of this system makes the product ideal for renovations of all kinds.

Leafblock designs custom solutions using environmentally friendly products of high technology with a focus on the cost and quality of the product.
Through the use of standardized components and a specific implementation process, it is possible to quantify and contain the costs of supply, transport, storage and installation of materials.
Thanks to the international experience in the field and the specific design of the installation kit, we can provide assistance on site and training of local operators anywhere in the world.

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